Global Aviation Partners always has different kinds of pre-owned aircraft available. Check this page regularly for updates.
Serious inquiries will be answered!  Need POF (PROOF OF FUNDS) / LOI (LETTER OF INTENT) or Mandate letter  !!!

    Manufacturer            Model             Engines           YOM              Additional information      Reference
Boeing 737-800  CFM56-7B26/3 2007 SOLD GAPVL1411
Boeing 737-800 CFM56-7B26/3 2007 SOLD GAPVL1401
Boeing 737-800 TBD 2009 SOLD GAPVL1403
Boeing 737-800 TBD 2006 SOLD GAPVL1489
Boeing 737-86N  CFM56-7B26/3  2007 Direct Available GAPVL1421
Airbus A319 V2524-A5 2002 Direct Available GAPAB1401
Airbus A320-200 CFM56-5B4/P 2002 Available Q2 2015 GAPAB1402
Airbus  A320-200 CFM56-5B4/P 2003 Available Q1 2016 GAPAB1403
Dornier 328 CARGO PW119C 1994 Direct Available GAPVL1432
SAAB 340A CARGO GE CT7-5A2 1985 Direct Available GAPVL1422

If you anticipate purchasing one or more aircraft in the very near future, we will ask you to complete the following 3 requirements before we can proceed any further. These requirements do not entail financial expenditures to you or your client but assure us that you are able to complete the transaction, should we be able to conclude a sale.

1) Signed Non Circumvent Non Disclosure Agreement (N.C.N.D.A.).
2) Mandate from and Letter of Intent (L.O.I.) from the airline or purchaser.
(including aircraft type, engine, and cabin seating preferences).
3) Proof of Funds (P.O.F.) recent letter from large financial institution or International bank.

Once we have all the above information, the serial numbers of the aircraft will be divulged and the process can be completed without delay.

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