Global Aviation Partners is also committed to present its clients with cutting edge technical training which is accommodated by our partners Training Center. Our state of the art comprehensive courses are led by highly qualified and experienced instructors who are or have been active on the aviation work floor for many years. With their characteristic no nonsense and hands on approach these experts are dedicated to raising the standard and to providing you with your desired and required level of training.

For this branch our customers regularly are aircraft maintenance and repair organizations as well as airports, airlines and other companies providing aviation services.

Basic Maintenance Training
The Training Center also accommodates a wide range of excellent basic technical courses enabling delegates to carry out effective line and base maintenance tasks.

Aircraft Type Training
Structured extensive theoretical and practical sessions are specially designed to provide expert training that is aimed at the maintenance and repair of specific types of aircraft.

Specialized Aviation Training
Global Aviation Partners
 furthermore offers exclusively designed and tailored courses in order to meet the exact requirements and wishes of your company.