Global Aviation Partners is proud to also have world renowned associates in flight simulator solutions. This allows us to deliver from their complete range of exclusive and top notch synthetic devices. In doing so we are able to provide full spectrum simulator support for any flight training phase up to and beyond the clients desired level.

The high tech and innovative devices are designed with functionality and options that are common across the entire product portfolio. The Flat Panel Trainer (FPT), Fixed Based Simulator (FBS) and Full Flight Simulator (FFS) are featuring the same high end simulation software as well as identical instructor station layouts and systems behavior in order to guarantee ease in use, reliability and the best training possible.

This also applies to the visual systems. The FPT flat screen, the FBS full spherical 180 x 40 degrees direct projection screen and the FFS 200 x 40 degrees full collimated visual. All  their essential selections including the instructor interface are identical thanks to the application of a common core software platform.

Furthermore, the I/O layout of the FBS and FFS system are similar ensuring the same high reliability and easy maintenance for both devices. The FPT utilizes a touch screen with a detailed and very realistic synthetic aircraft panel interface replacing the I/O hardware.

 These simulators offer the user an unsurpassed authentic cockpit environment with the closest to real flight and system behavior available in the industry and with its common product design guarantee a reliable 24/7 uptime. Last but not least, all our products are certified to EASA / FAA standards or as requested by the client and come delivered with a fully automated eQTG Software tool.

Flexibility is the key to solutions

With the FFS our partners offer an extensive range of options allowing the clients to fully customize the device to their exact desired specifications. The FBS and the FPT comes with excellent product flexibility in key areas such as real aircraft hardware instead of simulated parts, other required certifications and visual system layouts.

At Global Aviation Partners we are fully aware of the importance of financial flexibility and therefore have arranged financing solutions for all of these cutting edge products if desired.

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