To become and remain an icon and a highly respected and trusted mainstay amongst the top service providers of the global aerospace industry.

To always excel in what we do. Providing our clients with the highest quality of service attainable in aviation based on our company’s core values. Following through with our prime goal we are aiming for and deeply believe in; Becoming and staying the world’s leading service provider within the scope of our activities.

Our Core Values:

Dedication and commitment
To always do as we say and to follow through until our job is finished and has succeeded, leading to the utmost satisfaction of the client.

To gain and maintain the impeccable and deepest trust of our partners, clients and suppliers by striving for to always do what is right without any exception.

To communicate in a clear, open and transparent manner with our highly valued clients and business partners as well as within our own company.

Corporate and Social responsibility
Overall in being a rock solid company consisting out of good, honest and reliable   people who uphold the highest of standards and values. To comply with the standing international rules and regulations. To be aware globally as well as to the community surrounding us by being deeply involved and feeling responsible. Working on lasting relationships and returning to the community where and whenever possible.