New Commercial Aircraft
Brand new commercial Aircraft YOM 2015

Global Aviation Partners is able to offer and sell on a very competitive and sharp edge of several premium aircraft types and models. Our worldwide network of operators, airlines, as well as banks, financing companies and investors allow us to offer these new aircraft to our clients on a regular base.

We strongly believe in a discrete approach and in respect of our current agreements with the principal title holders and facilitating suppliers we offer off-market aircraft. Only after proof of genuine interest from a principal buyer (RFP, POF) and after mutual signing of a Non Disclosure Non Circumvent Agreement (NDNCA) we will disclose all desired and required information such as specifications and delivery time etcetera.

Our carefully structured sales and delivery procedures are according the highest standards you will find in the Aviation industry. The transfer of title as well as payments will be executed under strict supervision of well-known top shelf escrow agents or  lawfirms specialized in aircraft title services. Extraordinary short delivery times greatly enhances client flexibility and guarantees satisfaction since it will allow them to gain the desired competitive lead position in the aviation industry. Complement all this with our other services and support and we will launch your airline to a higher level in shareholder value and profitability.

A prerequisite for us is the comfort and trust of our clients. We strongly believe this is anchored in the strength of our proposition and in our strict but transparent procedures. In this regard we would like to reemphasize that we do not operate as a broker but are a sales partner to the principal title holders and facilitating suppliers. Furthermore, our buying clients will never be confronted with any commission fees due to our solid agreement with the principal seller. Finally, the fact that we are able to deliver on a continuous basis leaves very little to no pressure on the procedures of our client.

Global Aviation Partners has acquired clients out of a wide range of aviation operators such as airlines with a short term growth strategy and companies that are interested in expanding or updating their current fleet to start-ups as well as governments. If you also are interested in our proposition and unique possibilities in delivering new commercial aircraft than please do not hesitate to contact us here.


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