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Airbus A330-200 VIP Configuration

The family begins with the Airbus ACJ318, ACJ319, ACJ320 and ACJ321, which feature cabins that are approximately twice as wide as traditional high-end business jets, without being much larger externally. This makes them the new standard to which corporate jet customers aspire – whether as a first aircraft or when trading up from something smaller. It also means that customers for these aircraft benefit from unequalled comfort, space and freedom of movement on every trip.

For corporate jet customers that want to carry even more passengers, in even greater comfort and space, Airbus offers a full family of VIP widebodies that also deliver “non-stop to the world” range, allowing company executives, high net-worth individuals and government leaders to save time by flying directly to their destination. These comprise the Airbus ACJ330, ACJ340, ACJ350 and ACJ380. [/mt_three_fourth]