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Global Aviation Partners delivers the highest level in airline management training to airlines worldwide with the aim to vastly improve their product delivery and profitability. Our extensive training clearly focuses on airline relevant subjects such as:

–          Network, fleet and schedule planning
–          Route profitability and competitive strategies
–          Airline business management

Airline Consultancy

Fundamental to our world class airline consultancy is the customers and airlines demand perspective in relation to their environment in which we are playing and maintaining an independent role. The particular areas of our close attention are business product planning, demand and market share forecast modelling as well as financial forecasting and network evaluation.

Previous consultancy assignments

Route study for a Middle Eastern carrier

For this specific client we have conducted an annual demand analysis and a historical competition analysis together with a five year forecast. The airline routes were analyzed on their performance in both passenger totals as well as on a revenue split in premium and economy traffic. As a result of all this the deliverables clearly quantified local traffic and the connection potentials.

Our spot on Forecasts were based on a model which takes into account the initial demand, seasonal influences and stimulated demand through improved connectivity as well as frequency and capacity. This resulted in the annual growth factors generating expected year on year demand figures.

Our Market share models are developed with the use of quality service index models (QSI) techniques. A benchmark on airline specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) per route were concluding.

Route profitability deliverables gave clear insight in the performance of the airline routes and with our in-depth analysis we provided essential route profit and loss information based on existing airline costs and operational data.

In addition our new route potential quantification successfully highlighted traffic flows that were unclear and therefore unserved by the airline. These concerned direct routes with passenger travel to a destination or a hub or an already served route by competitors where the airline could have a key selling point.

Business planning for a new European CARGO airline

Furthermore we have developed a business plan based on predetermined routes for a new European CARGO airline. Our plan includes an in-depth market analysis and product definition. During this project we have also successfully established the essential focus on the following:

–          Network, fleet and scheduling
–          Pricing, profitability and yield management
–          Current flight and ground operations as well as crew management
–          Sales and distribution strategies
–          Airline branding

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