Global Aviation Partners is a professional international organization providing a wide range of services absolutely unique in the world and the aviation industry.

Please take a tour on our website and find out yourself how Global Aviation Partners provides solid solutions that directly contribute to our clients competitive lead and increase in shareholders’ value.

By actively building and maintaining lasting partnerships with some of the world’s finest organizations and producers in the aviation industry, Global Aviation Partners has rapidly become a top player and very welcome business partner for airlines, all-round aviation professionals as well as governments. As part of our policy and on behalf of our clients we will deliberate and discuss all available strategic options in depth together with the major commercial aircraft providers.

Absolutely unique in the world is our service of offering and delivering brand new commercial aircraft at the delivery times you require to stay ahead of your competitors and which directly contribute to the desired competitive lead and profitability of your company. An absolute and guaranteed delight for your shareholders.

Our top of the bill business development directors and sales consultants are operating worldwide and report directly to the Management Team on a daily basis. This enables Global Aviation Partners to continuously support them with the appropriate guidance in order to guarantee only the best possible service to our valued clients. It is because of this global coverage and thanks to our highly dedicated team that we are able to provide 24/7 service to most of our clients.

Our headquarters is strategically located in Singapore due to the growing market and opportunities in the far east.

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Global Aviation Partners your reliable partner in the Aviation Industry